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Welcome to Temprecord on-line Help on the Web.  

You are viewing the help for the Temprecord program that is served from Temprecord's web site.  In most cases the information here will be the same as is available from the on-line help that you can display by pressing the F1 key while Temprecord is running, but this web-based help will always correspond to the most recent release of Temprecord, which may be later than the version you have installed.  This help text pertains to versions of the Temprecord software from version 6.3 onwards.  Earlier versions of Temprecord may not have some of the features described in this help.


This screen lists the major help topics.  You can jump to other topics by clicking on text that is displayed like this.   For more information on how to use the Temprecord help system, see How to Use Help.


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